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Banana Kush
Birthday Cake

Pineapple God
Super Sour Diesel

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What is Live Resin? Live resin is a form of cannabis concentrate produced using fresh flower as opposed to dried and cured buds. This method retains the terpenes that are lost during the drying and curing process. Because the flavorful terpenes remain intact, live resin is considered a high-quality, connoisseur-level product.

How to store live resin? Preserve the potency and quality by keeping it away from heat, light, moisture, and open air. An airtight and lightproof container is best to help maintain its texture and consistency, as well as protect the cannabinoids from degradation and the terpenes from evaporation. Look for concentrate storage containers made of silicone or glass.

Ways to consume live resin? You can consume live resin by dabbing, which uses a type of water pipe called a dab rig as well as a flat bowl called a nail. Nails are produced from materials that can withstand higher temperatures than the glass bowls used for smoking flower. Live resin can also be sprinkled on a packed bowl of flower in a glass pipe or wrapped around a joint or blunt. The combination of cured flower and live resin extract gives you a heightened experience as well as added flavor.

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1 Gram Banana Kush, 1 Birthday Cake, 1 Gram Pineapple God, 1 Super Sour Diesel

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