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Hash is in stock! Hash is made from activated THC sifted from cannabis plants.  There is many different types of hash including kief hash, finger hash, bubble hash, marijuana rosin, honey oil or hash oil, butane hash oil and more. Cannabis Kings Medical Cannabis Dispensary will be offering a variety of new types of hash in 2020.

What is Hash

Hashish is often called hash for short.  The THC ( trichomes or crystals) is gathered by beating plants, filtering the resin off, or putting the plants in icy water and  using sieves to take the trichomes and dried into hash. Hash is perfectly consumed in joints, bongs and other smoking devices like a pipe.

Types of Hash

Depending on the type of hash, it may be different colors, or shades of red, black, brown, green, yellow, or blonde and come in many different forms, some very hard, others soft and malleable and some are very brittle. Hash is the best for cooking, and it is soluble with substances like oils, butter, or cream and can therefore be made into foods like brownies. Hash is a cannabis concentrate or extract product that has a high level of THC and has been exposed to heat with some types of hash, meaning it comes slightly decarbed and activated for consumption.

Buy Hash Online in Canada

Buy hash online in Canada from Cannabis Kings Cannabis Dispensary today.  We offer free shipping on hash orders over $150.  Order hash across Canada with quick shipping and free delivery to every province and territory in Canada.