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Cannabis Kings online cannabis dispensary is Canada's best place to buy mail order marijuana cheap and quick.  Order cannabis with fast delivery online in Canada, anywhere with free shipping across Canada on all orders over $150.  Buy cannabis online from Cannabis Kings Dispensary and receive 20% off with the code NEW20

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We are Canada's best mail order cannabis dispensary and our strong cannabis strains, wide selection of THC and CBD products.  Enjoy a 20% discount today by entering the code NEW20 on checking out your first order.  Register here.

Mail Order Marijuana Dispensary

Buy cannabis, shatter, oils, extracts, tinctures, edibles, CBD products and more at Cannabis Kings Dispensary.  Reviews are in and we are the Weed Kings in Canada.  We employ a qualified team to help with your green purchases today, we are Canada's trusted mail order marijuana site with quality cannabis strains, small batch craft cannabis production, exotic cannabis strains and consistent supply of CBD strains, THC strains, indica strains and sativa strains. Check out the best dispensary sales below.

Online Cannabis Dispensary

Cannabis Kings is the best online cannabis dispensary and delivery service in Canada.  Find premium craft cannabis strains, top shelf concentrates and strong edibles accurately dosed with THC and (or) CBD.  Discover a variety of high quality marijuana products and craft batch cannabis strains at the cheapest prices online in Canada.  Discover what BC Bud really means.  Cannabis is our craft, and it's our priority to ensure you have the best weed, CBD products, edibles and vape cartridges at all times.

Cannabis Dispensary Canada

Looking for a new cannabis dispensary Canada?  We have you covered with nation wide delivery.  Buy cannabis online in Canada and we'll make sure it arrives quick.  We deliver cannabis to Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.

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Buy Shatter Online

Buy indica and sativa shatter online in Canada at Cannabis Kings online dispensary.  Enjoy clear, high quality, strong shatter from the top concentrate brands across Canada.

Free shipping on all shatter orders over $150

Buy Edibles Online

Buy edibles online in Canada. Medical grade CBD, THC and other cannabinoids are sometimes better ingested in edible form depending upon your ailment.  THC and CBD infused edibles are a great way to get your cannabis without smoking or vaping it. Buy strong edibles from trusted cannabis companies at Cannabis Kings.

Free shipping on all THC and CBD edibles orders over $150

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