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Buy cannabis vape pen cartridges and kits online in Canada at the best prices.  CBD vape pens, THC vape pens, disposable vape pens,  auto-draw and rechargeable vapes, complete vape pen kits with 510 battery thread, mood pods, THC vape cartridges, marijuana JUUL pods, or one-time use vaporizers that are disposable so you can toss them when they are empty.

Browse our selection of preloaded sativa, indica and hybrid strains, as well, a variety of THC and CBD flavors, strengths and sizes. The best shatter and distillate vape cartridges and pods in 500mg and 1000mg.  Free shipping on orders over $150, and take 15% off your first order with the code NEW20 at checkout.

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Order preloaded sativa, indica and hybrid strain vape cartridges, THC vape pens, as well, a variety of THC and CBD flavors.  Our THC and CBD vape pen cartridges and kits come at the best prices online in Canada.  Marijuana (cannabis) is extracted into a number of different extracts and flavors depending upon the company.  Find disposable vape pens,  auto-draw and rechargeable vapes, complete vape pen kits with 510 battery thread, or one time use vaporizers.

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Enjoy absolutely free shipping on vape pen orders over $150 across Canada.


THC Vape Pens – This type of vape pens comes with a preloaded cartridge containing oil, shatter or cannabis distillate.  THC vape pens come with rechargeable and single use batteries depending upon the brand, and are a psychoactive product, meaning they will get you high. THC vape pen cartridge refills and cannabis vape kits are a Cannabis Kings specialty!  THC vape pen cartridge refills come in cannabis oil, distillate and other extracts.  Cartridge products come in different sizes, strengths and terpene profiles, order across Canada today with free shipping over $100. CBD Vape Pens – CBD Vape Pens are commonly used to consume cannabis distillate for medical purposes or ailments.   CBD does not hold psychoactive properties and will not get you high, rather relaxed.  CBD is often used for nausea, back pain, stress, lack of appetite, pain and more. We also specialize in CBD vape pen kits and vape pen cartridge refills delivered across Canada daily. Browse our lines of CBD oil pens that come in JUUL pods, 510 thread and disposable vape pens. Find strong CBD and THC cartridges in 500 ml and 1000 ml quantities.  Browse a fruity terpene profile and cannabis strain selection of prefilled distillate, oil and shatter vape cartridges.  Discover full vaporizer pen kits, and new types of vape carts including Juul type pods, 510 thread batteries, and autodraw disposable vape pens.

Distillate vs Shatter

Shatter Vape PensShatter Vape Pens are cartridges containing shatter.   Shatter is a slightly decarbed cannabis concentrate that holds 70% and higher levels of THC and maintains a portion of the cannabis strains terpene profile.  Shatter vape pens come in indica, sativa and hybrid cartridges. Distillate Vape PensDistillate Vape Pens are preloaded vape pen cartridges that have been filled with a distillate mix.   Distillate is a strong, terpeneless marijuana extract that boasts THC levels of 80% and higher. Distillate vape pens often come in CBD, THC and hybrid cartridges.