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3 Uncommon But Interesting New Cannabis Products Leave a comment

As any cannabis enthusiast will tell you, virtually nothing about smoking or using some sort of cannabis based product is done universally or for the same reasons.

Everyone has a specific preference, need, routine, and goal when it comes to how they select a product that’s right for them. And there are LOTS of different products and variations of products on the market today that give people a virtually endless selection of desired cannabis experiences.

That being said, are there any particular cannabis based products that are worth mentioning more than others because they fall into unique categories such as how they’re used and why?

We think there are.

Before we give you our list, it’s important to state that individuals all have preferences, likes and dislikes of any particular product so this list is far from universal. What this list is intended for is to help you see what might be on the market that you might not have heard of before. Or, if you have, to know if you should give it a try having learned a little more about it.

So with that in mind, let’s get started!

Here are 3 cannabis products on the market today that we think everyone should know about.

1 – Terp Sauce (Separated full spectrum terpenes divorced from THC Diamonds)

Terp Sauce is fairly new to the extracts marketplace. It’s made by extracting trichomes from freeze dried cannabis plants with a butane solvent process, then left in a sealed jar for several weeks in a warm dark room or storage area. Over time, cannabinoids form crystals in the bottom of the sauce and slowly separate from the terpenes. The crystals at the bottom are highly concentrated cannabinoids, with the primary one being THC-A, the pre-courser acidic form of THC.

As you may have guessed Terp Sauce is primarily composed of terpenes, of which the ratios will depend entirely on the flower from the strain the sauce was extracted from. Different strains will produce different sauces that each have different medicinal properties depending on the dominant terpenes of the flower.

For example, an extract made from pink kush would leave you with a terp sauce high in myrcene, which would be sedative in nature. A sauce made from pineapple express would produce a terp sauce high in caryophyllene, which would be better for inflammation control and pain relief.

In terms of how to consume terp sauce, you can either dab it, or vape it. Vaping would be the most effective means to consume terp sauce since you could control the activation of which terpenes you want based on adjusting the temperature of the vaporizer.

2 – CBD Powdered Isolate

This extract is pretty straightforward in that the name really says it all. CBD isolate is a 99% isolated CBD compound in powdered crystal form. Unlike braude spectrum and full spectrum products, CBD isolate does not contain any THC or other cannabinoids or flavonoids. It’s as pure as pure gets.

The process to extract CBD crystals is nearly identical to isolating THC or any other compound so for that reason we won’t go into detail on how it is extracted, but what we will talk about is the difference between isolated CBD and broad, and full spectrum CBD.

CBD binds to the CB2 receptor in the body’s endocannabinoid system which is the system responsible for inflammatory and immune signaling responses. Because it binds so well, it can help modulate immune responses and suppress excess inflammation.

One drawback of isolates in general – not just CBD isolates – however is that they do not contain any other of the beneficial terpenes, flavonoids or cannabinoids. As mentioned in the introduction, this is neither a good nor a bad thing. If a high CBD concentration product is best for you for factors such as not wanting to get high or maybe a terpene sensitivity, then powdered isolate may be the way to go for you. The best ways to take isolates such as powders is either diluted in a beverage, or combined with an oil and used topically.

3 – CBD Vape Pens

CBD vape pens are not much different to standard vape pens. The difference is what they’re designed to burn. Like THC pens, CBD pen cartridges don’t actually contain any oils. They’re made from extracted “juices” that are primarily extracted with solvents such as butane, then combined with some food based ingredients that are known to be safe to inhale, producing most commonly either a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum vape “juice”. Oils themselves like MCT for example, are NOT safe for burning and inhalation. The reason is the residue can bind to your alveoli in your lungs and cause significantly increased risk for lipid based lung infections and lipid based pneumonia, which is why the term “vape oil cartridge” or similar ones are generally misleading.

Why use a CBD vape versus an oral oil? Well, the evidence is not exactly clear, but the general accepted theory so far is that CBD vape pens tend to have a much faster uptake into the bloodstream, allowing them to begin to work much more quickly than an oral drop.

But like inhalation vs ingestion of THC, the effects may be stronger initially, but may not last as long. More research into this is needed, but for the moment CBD vaping seems a legitimate means of getting the effects of CBD directly into the bloodstream as fast as possible, which could have a wide range of medical applications that would require rapid administration.

We hope you enjoyed this informative look into less common but well worth checking out cannabis products that are available on the market! Don’t forget to check out our shop and browse our selection!


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