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CBD (also known as Cannabidiol ) is a cannabinoid contained in cannabis often utilized for it’s medicinal value. CBD products are used by athletes for increased performance, quicker recovery times and pain management but the benefits don’t stop there.  The medicinal CBD value tends to treat many areas including pain, depression, muscle dysfunction, anxiety, depression, inability to relax, anxiousness, muscle and back discomfort and more. Buy CBD products online in Canada with free shipping on order over $149.00 today.

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Buy CBD oil for anxiety or CBD oil for pain and other ailments that need attention. CBD products are extracts of the cannabis plant, and unless otherwise mentioned, contain NO THC. CBD effects are not psycoactive and will not get you high. CBD is a cannabinoid in the cannabis plant used to treat medical discomfort, pain, stress or anxiety. Depending upon the type of extract, how to use CBD oil will vary.


CBD oil is an extract which sparates the CBD cannabinoid from the undesireables and other cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. Some cannabis CBD oil will contain THC, so it's important to ensure you know what is in you oils, detailed in each CBD product description. CBD oil is typically applied orally, under or behind the toungue for quick CBD benefits.

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules give you a way to consume CBD in pill or capsule form. A CBD capsule will usually contain a carrier such as coconut oil that will help your body obsorb the CBD cannabinoid quickely. Once again, sometimes these prodcuts contain THC, so look for a 1:0 THC to CBD ratio for pure CBD products.

CBD Marijuana Strains

CBD marijuana strains are popular today. These are marijauna strains that contain higher amounts of CBD than THC. Keep in mind, some of these plants still posses traces of THC and might bring psycoactive effects depending upon the amount. The benefits to CBD marijuana strains vary, consuming these CBD products will help treat pain, stress, anxiety, and other medical ailments. CBD cannabis flower lets you consume cannabis just like you used to. Smoke, vape or make your CBD marijuana strain into thousands of edible products.

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